Episode 153 - "Normal Ghosts Of Paranormal Cops Cop"

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A very lean episode in which Ben mourns the loss of Paranormal Cops, Vicki’s mum gives her a re-gifted birthday present and the milk bandit strikes again.


  • Vicki gets stood up on a date and plots to get the guy deported.
  • We talk false compliments and overzealous gift giving.
  • Ben mourns the loss of Paranormal Cops.
  • Vicki’s mum calls to drop a bombshell about her birthday present.
  • Vicki’s co-worker is attracting ghosts.
  • The milk bandit gets called out.
  • We do some more reflecting on our past episodes.
  • We discuss the 18-year-old who spent 4.6 million on handbags and cushions after a banking error.
  • We revise the friend to enemy scale.
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Hermann Rorschach Rachael Leigh Cook Rachel Cook Lisa McCune  
Intellectual hottie Herman Rorschach
One time honouree of Ben's celebrity pass, Rachael Leigh Cook
Celebrity doppelgänger Rachel Cook
Sea boat captain Lisa McCune