Episode 151 - "Personal Attacks Only"

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A very continuous episode in which we look back at the classic Britney Spears album Carny, Ben flirts with a girl who wants to cut him open and Vicki demands more from reality TV weddings.


  • We pointlessly bicker about the semantics of episode numbers.
  • We chart Britney Spears' career trajectory.
  • We dip our hands into the ramblox and pull out a message from Ghana.
  • Amazon hounds Vicki into purchasing another microwave.
  • Ben flirts with a girl while she fantasises about performing an emergency tracheotomy on him.
  • Vicki pitches a new kind of bootleg TV season.
  • Vicki binges on Married At First Sight after a trip to the doctor's office.
  • Bekah from The Bachelor ends up on the missing persons list.
  • Vicki's friend has a beef with Ronald McDonald and the new McFlurry's.
  • We play the enemy or nemesis game.
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Britney Spears Circus Britney Spears bald Heather, Warrick and Sam Bekah  
Britney Spears' Carny

Britney Spears, topping charts and melting hearts

The Bachelor's Heather and her 'neighbour' Warrick
Bekah Martinez is missing and on your TV screen