Episode 148 - "A Shining Star In The Nights Sky"

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A very peppy episode in which Ben fears for his one good impression, Vickiís office becomes a fart room and we struggle with wink etiquette.


  • The universe provides Ben with a much needed party invite.
  • Ben fears his Joshua Homme impression is in danger of being retired.
  • Vicki wants to kick more people at work.
  • Vickiís use of the English language has been unleashed.
  • Vickiís office becomes a Ďfart roomí.
  • We struggle to wink without coming off as creepy or confusing.
  • We talk disappointing sequels, unnecessary innovations and boob TVís.
  • Nicki Minaj poetically threatens us with a dick in the face.
  • We spend New Years at Schnitz and Tits, soley for the delicious parmaís.
  • Kirsty finds herself in a thruplet in her latest experiment.
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Joshua Homme1 Joshua Homme2        
Joshua Homme winding up for a kick
Joshua Homme after watching The Wrestler a few too many times