Episode 134 - "I Love You Aways"

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A very coincidental episode in which Vicki rocks some new headgear, Ben meets his doppelgšnger at the barber and The Tropical Judge accidentally buys a house.


  • Vicki shows up to the podcast, rave ready with her new headphones.
  • We reignite the rice, shark tooth and bullet necklace gang wars of the nineties.
  • Vicki hypnotizes Ben into regressing to his limbless childhood state.
  • Benís high school girlfriend had a realistic view of their relationship.
  • Rodney receives a sobering Christmas card and Ben dies during the office evacuation.
  • Renee colonizes planet Dioria.
  • Vicki attends the blue light disco and spends all her time in the parking lot and coat check.
  • Vicki subscribes Ben to her Cameron Daddo update service.
  • Vicki debuts the new segment Ben on Film.
  • We analyze the cinematic masterpiece American Violence.
  • Ben meets his doppelgšnger at the barber.
  • The Tropical Judge accidentally buys a house.
  • Vicki stumbles upon Kylie Jennerís secret to fuller lips.
  • Kirsty goes on a date with a guy whoís too boring to have so much baggage.
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Vicki's Headphones Rice Necklace The Dark is Rising American Violence Vickiís lips  
Vicki engaging rave mode
The height of nineties fashion
Ben recommends the first 99% of this book
American Violence - AKA 'As You May Know'
Vicki suffering for beauty